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Why release Monarch butterflies?

They are the most suitable because they

  • are large, bright and spectacular ( 10 cm wingspan approx. )
  • have a graceful flight pattern, are inquisitive and 'people friendly'
  • are one of the longest living butterflies, up to 6 months
  • are naturally strong and robust, traveling well in our cooled packaging
  • are found in most areas of Australia so they can live out their lifecycle in any habitat they are released
  • are safe for all areas, especially national parks and botanical gardens helping to increase our depleting butterfly populations.

What happens to butterflies after a release?

They will find nectar plants for food and host plants to lay eggs on, even hundreds of kilometers away. Their  natural life-cycle will continue.

Should butterflies be released at night?

No, they need to be released at least 1 hour before sunset so they can find food and shelter.

Should butterflies be released indoors?

No, they will become distressed so please release them outdoors.

Are butterflies available all year round?

No, since they are cold-blooded and require warmth to open their wings and fly, we generally do not supply butterflies between June and September.

How much will a display or release cost?

It is dependent on the number of butterflies purchased and the choice of release ½ individual triangle  'beds' are free whilst decorated boxes, cages and atriums are extra.

How do butterflies survive during transit?

Our packaging is specially designed to keep butterflies cool and in the dark so that they go into temporary hibernation. They are in a reduced metabolic state and do not require feeding. They are not stressed or harmed in any way. Removing the ice packs 1 hour before release enables them to wake up and be ready to fly.

Do any of the butterflies die in transit?

It is very uncommon, however, if you have any casualties from the transit then return them to us within 48 hrs and we will refund the cost of the particular butterfly.

Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver Australia wide, however, some remote areas may be excluded. It is important a representative is in attendance to sign for the butterflies on delivery otherwise they may be returned to us at your cost.

When should I order?

We are sometimes able to fill orders (particularly funerals) within a short period of time.
Our breeding program usually requires 8 weeks’ notice, however, we recommend you order with as much notice as possible.
We take orders up to 12 months in advance.