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Release and Display

Butterflies are symbolic of new beginnings, good fortune and freedom. Imagine the  joy and everlasting memories that will come from the spectacular sight  of fluttering wings around you and your guests. Imagine watching these  magical, beautiful creatures in their carefree flight.

Let us help create this moment for you and your guests with a release or  display of our live Monarch butterflies - they are people friendly and  are sure to make for unique photo opportunities. Whatever your special  occasion, it is certain to be an amazing spectacle and an unforgettable  experience.

We cater for all events and occasions:







 Corporate events



 Opening Ceremonies

 Just because I love you!


Our Monarch butterflies can be released anywhere in Australia helping to replenish our depleting butterfly populations.

Our release and display packaging has been carefully designed for the well being of the butterflies. While in transit they are in a reduced metabolic state and are not stressed at all.

We do maintain a limited supply butterflies for immediate sale, however, it is recommended that a minimum 6 weeks notice be given for orders.